About Us

Brick Top Blaggers is that rare band that bridges the gap between Celtic folk music and punk rock without sacrificing either integrity or relevance.

With a band full of songwriters and an arsenal of instruments as diverse as their musical backgrounds, they have created a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends traditional tunes played on accordion, fiddle, bagpipes, and mandolin, with roaring guitars and rock-solid bass and drums. The result is their own intelligent, exuberant brand of Celtic rock that is always original, always evolving, and always unforgettable.

Steve Almond (vocals)
Dustin Lindberg (bass)
Matt Maulding (accordion/bagpipes/whistles)
Nolan Lynch (mandolin/banjo)
Daniel Murillo (guitar)
Phoebe Camilletti (fiddle)
Kevin Ousley (drums/percussion)