Two Years Enough

by Brick Top Blaggers

Released 2013
Released 2013
Our second full length studio album featuring original Celtic rock songs.
Two Years Enough was co-produced by Brick Top Blaggers and Michael Parnin; Recorded and mixed by Michael Parnin at Blacksound in Pasadena, CA. The 13-track album was mastered by Mike Bozzi in Hollywood, CA.

Two Years Enough features guest appearances by Paul Castellanos (fiddle) and Patrick D’Arcy (uilleann pipes).

Orange County artist Landon Armstrong provided the cover art and Portland, OR artist Michael Wade Malone provided the interior graphic art for Brick Top Blaggers’ Plastic Paddy EP (2013) and returned to provide art for Two Years Enough (2013).

“Two Years Enough represents the best collection to date of stories told in song by Brick Top Blaggers. From rousing, anthemic drinking songs, to sea shanty inspired imagery, to tales about wars fought between people and battles waged on an internal and emotional level. Michael Parnin at Blacksound has helped us capture high quality sound that we’re extremely proud to share with you.”
- Matt Maulding, Multi-instrumentalist of Brick Top Blaggers